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Veritas Protection advises on all protection-related matters for businesses and personal security.
Our specialists are ready to thoroughly examine all the possible threats and risks associated with you and your business and to provide well-founded recommendations.
By contacting us, you will get a simple and transparent scheme of cooperation.
Our only task is to provide you with full, effective and simple security system that will protect you from any threat.
This is why we have build a special services and products for you.
Here is how we keep it simple:

Here is a list of our main services:
• Security Consulting and Risk Assessment
• Security system Camelot™, including
   • Access Control system Guardian™
   • Threat Detection and Protection systems
   • Surveillance and Monitoring system Alcatraz™
   • CCTV and The Eye of Horus™ systems
• Personal and Pet Security system Pentagram™
• Additional systems that allow us to run the basic systems smoothly and effectively, such as
   • Uninterruptable Power Supply system Spike™
   • Lighting system Apollo™
   • Anti-theft system Shield™
   • Sound alarm system
   • etc.

Moreover, to support a high quality of our services, we have developed a unique Safe Room HB Veritas™. In addition, as a part of our systems, we are using products made by well known highly prominent manufacturers  - gates, mobile wireless devices, locking mechanisms, GPS locators and more.
You can trust that the security system that will be installed and maintained by us at your property will be of the best quality and will protect your safety like nothing else will.

Services and Products

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